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A new way to measure body composition

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The weight scale doesn't tell the full story, 

Styku does. 

Styku is a state of the art 3D body scanner that uses harmless infrared to capture your body's composition in space. 

With Styku we can track lean mass %, body fat%, bone mass % and so much more. 

Use Styku to help determine BMR, Caloric needs, realistic goal setting, risk analysis and progress tracking!

Example Styku - Progress Report-3-page-0

Body Composition: Fat & Lean Mass

Styku accurately measures your body composition and shows what the number on the scale consists of: body fat & lean mass.

Example Styku - Progress Report-3-page-0

Circumferences: Measurements

Styku helps track the slightest changes in your body's composition by capturing your body's composition in space using harmless infrared. Styku shows net loss/gain of inches and volume by sectioning your body into different segments and using a 3D Tape Measure, helping us track even the smallest changes as you progress on your fitness journey. 

Circumferences: Torso Cross-Sections 

Styku helps track the slightest changes in your body's composition by cross-sectioning various areas of your torso and overlaying them, showing the changes in your torso as you progress. 

Example Styku - Progress Report-3-page-0
Example Styku - Progress Report-3-page-0
Example Styku - Progress Report-3-page-0
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How other methods compare to Styku

Competing product are prone to hydration issues, are invasive, or lack repeatability. Moreover, Styku shows you where your fat is located on your body. Visualizing progress is far more motivating. 

Regional Fat Mass:

Most devices only predict total fat mass.

We show you the type of fat located on your body and where. 

Styku Phoenix tracks how most dangerous fat, fat between your organs (visceral fat) and fat your midsection (Gynoid and Andriod Fat), is changing over time.

Progress Report: 3D SCANS  

Styku helps you see the changes in your body over time by including all Styku scans: from your first scan to your most current! Watch your body change over time! 

Bone, Fat, Muscle Mass and more with a simple 3D scan.

Each component of your body tells a different story about your lifestyle and the journey to a better you. Styku Phoenix provides insight on how your fitness and nutritional programs are impacting bone health, lean muscle growth, and fat loss.

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STYKU vs others
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Artificial Intelligence Driven

Styku's body composition prediction models are the result of a core investment into AI and advanced machine learning. As a result, Styku models are highly correlated with medical grade gold standards, like DEXA. 

Styku has partnered with leading academics and research scientists in the field of body composition and advanced mathematics to build a predictive model based on data from over 300 participants. Learn more about how National Institute of Health (NIH) funded research led to revolutionary discoveries in predictive analytics with body composition. 

Schedule your Styku Scan:

Thanks for scheduling your Styku!

We will be in touch shortly to confirm your scan. 

schedule your scan
  • Styku scans are scheduled based on availability of Personal Trainer

  • Must wear compression style clothing:



Compression boxers


Yoga pants or bike shorts &

sports bra

  • Fast 3 hours prior to body scan


  • Payment is due immediately following the scan

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