Get More than a membership.

Get Results.

Our GroupX Training program is a Spectrum-original concept designed with the needs of all fitness levels and the importance of individualized goals in mind.

Whether you’re brand new to the gym or a seasoned gym-goer that loves to get results,
GXT is completely personalized to YOU!

Team Training

Spectrum's original small-group training concept.

Great for those just getting started, wanting to progress their workouts, or targeting a specific strength and conditioning goal.

Sessions consist of balanced functional movements, performed with a variety of fitness props and loading mechanisms to induce goal specific adaptations.

All Team Training sessions are designed to be low-impact and modifiable under the supervision of one of our nationally accredited Personal Trainers. This ensures that each workout consists of safe and efficient exercises suited for all skill levels.

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Difficulty

Conditioning Classes

All conditioning classes are taught by our Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainers. 


Metabolic Endurance Training

MET is programed to keep the breaks short and your metabolic workload peaked. MET workouts are designed to challenge members of different abilities, allowing you to work at your own pace and build your anaerobic capacity. Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Difficulty


Experienced Level Interval Training Exercises


Conditioning Optimized Resistance Exercises


The evolution of our classic circuit-based HIIT workout. ELITE uses a mixture of body weight and loaded dynamic exercises in multiple planes of movement to condition our most inefficient movement patterns.

The workouts are structured around a complex circuit model that alternates muscle groups to minimize recovery time.

We combine these circuits with short bouts of max effort anaerobic conditioning in a motivating team atmosphere to create our flagship class, ELITE. Intermediate/Advanced Difficulty

A progression of ELITE, CORE focuses on goal specific loading to produce the strength, hypertrophic and metabolic benefits of exercising under increased resistance.

Intermediate/Advanced Difficulty

A Spectrum exclusive workout based on the classic cross-training experience.

Our team combines your favorite GXT Conditioning Classes, with the added benefits of extended aerobic work and high-intensity anaerobic intervals, to create a workout you won't forget.

 Intermediate/Advanced Difficulty


Visualize your progress in 3D!

MYZONE® Heart Rate Training SYSTEM

We know that the impact of your workout is equal to the effort you put into it.

It’s not opinion, it’s science.


That’s why we utilize Myzone’s cutting-edge tools and wearable tech, built and designed for the fitness industry. With the ease of your smartphone or in-class screens, view real-time data not only on what you’re doing, but HOW you’re doing.

You always give your all—now you can quantify it, with trackable Myzone Effort Points, calories burned, heart rate BPMs, and percentage of maximum effort. Find friendly competition and mutual motivation as you challenge your friends—or just yourself—and track your progress over time.

Wear the belt. Use the app. Monitor your performance. And push your limits!


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