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Spectrum’s Medical Wellness Program is not a program for people who are ‘ill’. It has been developed by physical therapists and exercise specialists designed with the goal of increasing participation in wellness and general fitness programs, primarily by individuals who have not been regular exercisers and for those who may feel their medical issues need to be taken into consideration in order to exercise. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac issues, pre-diabetes and diabetes conditions, osteoporosis, joint problems or replacement surgery … these are just a few of the medical ‘issues’ that are taken into consideration with this program. While a lot of ‘training programs’ are aimed at ‘performance’ goals (i.e. sports, leisure sports, competitions), our Medical Wellness program focuses on FUNCTION and functional fitness. For this program, we involve a participant's doctor, a physical therapist, and a personal trainer to collaborate on an individualized program aimed at increasing one's fitness level including strength, endurance, and flexibility while monitoring any specific medical issues identified by the team.

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