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At Spectrum, we've created a unique community-centered environment that has something for everyone.


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Club Square Footage

Spectrum Wifi

Smoothie Bar

Supplement Sales

Large Array of Strength & Cardio Equipment

Functional Training Space

Group Exercise Classes

Personal Training

Small Group Training

Rxercise Solutions Medical Wellness Program

Styku 3D Body Composition Analysis

Registered dietitian Available

Outdoor Training Space

Men's Area Steam Room

Men's Area Sauna

Women's Area Sauna

Tanning Beds

Outdoor Pool

Peak Performance Physical Therapy Clinic

Studio Gabriella Hair Salon




Perkins at Kenilworth

Southdowns Village

Denham Springs

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Free Weights & Machines


Resistance training is a crucial part of just about any exercise program. Benefits include improved muscle strength and tone, better balance, muscular stamina and posture, increased bone density, and easier weight management. And did you know that the number one user of blood sugar in the body is muscle? So pre-diabetic and other blood sugar issues are made much better by having more muscle. It’s not a matter of how much weight is lifted, it’s simply about placing ‘resistance’ on the muscles in a safe manner. Spectrum provides a wide-array of free weights, along with a multitude of resistance training machines, which allow our members to ‘resistance train’ in a variety of ways to get the most out of their gym-time.

We believe one of the keys to successful and safe cardiovascular training is the ability to ‘cross-train’, or to change up the ways in which you increase your heart rate. The ability to exercise on a variety of different cardio pieces also helps with boredom issues and helps prevent repetitive strain injuries. At Spectrum our cardio areas are equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, lateral trainers, stair climbers, rowing machines, and even rolling ladders. No matter what your particular level happens to be, you will be able to find a great way to challenge your cardiovascular system, and to keep it challenged week in and week out.

Cardio Equipment




Finding the time to get to the gym is hard enough. With children, it gets even harder. At Spectrum we take great pride in having dedicated space on-site to allow our members a place to have their children supervised and happy while they work out.

Group Exercise Classes

With over 120+ hours of group fitness classes every week, Spectrum has it all! Whether you want to wind down and reflect with a restorative classes like Yoga or BODYFLOW or take it up a notch and take on BODYPUMP or BODYATTACK! 


Medical Wellness

Spectrum’s Medical Wellness Program is not a program for people who are ‘ill’. It has been developed by physical therapists and exercise specialists designed with the goal of increasing participation in wellness and general fitness programs, primarily by individuals who have not been regular exercisers and for those who may feel their medical issues need to be taken into consideration in order to exercise. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac issues, pre-diabetes and diabetes conditions, osteoporosis, joint problems or replacement surgery … these are just a few of the medical ‘issues’ that are taken into consideration with this program. While a lot of ‘training programs’ are aimed at ‘performance’ goals (i.e. sports, leisure sports, competitions), our Medical Wellness program focuses on FUNCTION and functional fitness. It is highly individualized program and is run by our Medical Wellness Director, Bill Gvoich.

bill gvoich.png

Bill Gvoich, MS

Medical Wellness Director

Bill has been actively involved in the fitness arena for over thirty years as a sports conditioning consultant, educator, author and designer of innovative exercise therapy equipment.  His accomplishments as an athlete and educator have given him unique insight into the field of sports conditioning and functional fitness. As an athlete, Bill was a four time Canadian Powerlifting Champion and a collegiate football player.

Bill began his career as a conditioning coach for several Canadian National sports teams and professional organizations including the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Club (N.H.L.), the Canadian Alpine Ski and Women’s Basketball teams and the Toronto Argonaut Football Club (C.F.L). In 1989, his focus changed to promoting the effectiveness of Restorative Care and quality of life programs for people 65 years and older. He also developed the Temple of Health Lifestyle treatment model to include individual exercise, nutrition and relaxation training for substance abuse recovery participants. He has produced a fitness TV show since 1997. In 2004 he started Health Focus, a medical fitness program. As the Director of Medical Wellness Program, Bill will continue to develop and promote the importance of exercise, nutrition and stress management as “medicine” for quality of life.

Spectrum Performance Nutrition


Lindsay Oar


At Spectrum, we're here to help you not only meet your health & fitness goals, but exceed them. A large part of that is understanding proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet. 

Our on-site registered dietitian Lindsay is here to help translate nutrition science into practical recommendations that you can use in your daily life. Whether you are an athlete looking for a competitive edge, or an individual interested in weight management, our nutrition coaching sessions can help fast track you to your goals. 

Outdoor PoolS


Two of the Spectrum club locations, Perkins at Kenilworth and Denham Springs, offer outdoor pool areas. The Denham Springs club pool is large with areas for lap swimming as well as a kiddie area with a giant mushroom waterfall. Perkins at Kenilworth is a lesser-used, quieter area to get in a little sunbathing or an occasional paddleboard Yoga class

Spectrum Fitness & Medical Wellness shares ownership with the Baton Rouge area’s leading orthopedic and sports physical therapy company, Peak Performance Physical Therapy. The Spectrum clubs located at Perkins at Kenilworth and in Denham Springs actually have Peak Performance clinics located ‘within’ the club facilities. The highly trained and experienced physical therapists at Peak are on-site every weekday from 7:30-5:30 and have helped hundreds of members with questions and problems regarding muscle, joint, and nerve pain. The Peak staff is a great asset to the personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and the entire staff at Spectrum as well and is committed to helping all Spectrum members get the most out of their exercise experience.

Peak Performance

Physical Therapy


Personal Training


Personal Training means a lot of different things. At Spectrum we feel that this means a member has specific goals that he/she wants to accomplish and they would like some assistance to reach those goals in the quickest, safest, most effective way possible. Exercise is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ undertaking and our personal trainers are experts at finding out what works best for each individual client. Take a look at our amazing staff of trainers and see who might be able to help you get going on your journey today.

Smoothies & Supplements

Spectrum offers a menu of Smoothies made fresh at the time of order. Whether it is a low-carb, high protein treat, or a muscle-building weight gain shake, we love to customize our smoothies to satisfy our members’ cravings. And when it comes to nutritional supplements and ready-to-drink products, we choose the highest quality and most-popular products to help members achieve their fitness goals.


Studio Gabriella


At Studio Gabriella we strive to raise the bar for hair salons in Baton Rouge and in the beauty industry as a whole. Our highly trained staff wants to make you look and feel beautiful with the latest fashion trends and hair styles. We strive to give you a great salon experience by maintaining a high level of attention to detail for you and each one of our valued clients. To learn more about our salon and boutique: click here



A new way to measure body composition

The weight scale doesn't tell the full story, 

Styku does. 

Styku is a state of the art 3D body scanner that uses harmless infrared to capture your body's composition in space. 

With Styku we can track lean mass %, body fat%, bone mass % and so much more. 

Use Styku to help determine BMR, Caloric needs, realistic goal setting, risk analysis and progress tracking!

Example Styku - Progress Report-3-page-0



Stand-up and lay-down beds available. 

Members can add unlimited tanning to their membership for only $10/month! 

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